Friday, May 20, 2011

so its the end of the world...

at least i have a date. i've finally gotten to a point in my life where i'm happy again. i'm having a little fun with my time, and then whamo, someone has to start screaming about the end of the world. i guess if it has to come i have something to hang my hat on - i had a date the night before.

and with my track record, i'm pretty sure this might actually be what causes the terrific earthquakes that tear our world apart. but then that might be a little to up on my self.

so i asked a friend what you should wear on your last possible date (and truthfully, this could be my last date even if the world doesn't end, but i digress). personally i'm thinking we pull out all the stops, which means sequins and feathers should be adorned. her suggestion was a tiara. and while i think that might be a bit much, i have to say i've seen one of our other friends wear all of that shit in her hair, and she seemed to pull it off...with the exception that it was at a funeral. but then i guess the end of days is a funeral of sorts, so apparently i'll be dressed appropriately...

and while i had not intended to sleep with this guy that i'm going on my very first date with, if he uses the line, baby the world is gonna end tomorrow, i might just be like - sigh, take me.

anyway - there is one gleaming piece of hope for us. again, from said friend "i'm pretty sure we're ok because #oprahday isn't until next Wednesday and even God himself wouldn't fuck with Oprah".

nuff said.

on another note, if all these heaven worthy people are about to be whisked off to the great unknown, i'd like to point out to the asshole that drove past three lanes of traffic dutifully waiting to get on the interstate this morning, you won't be going. there's your karma bitch.

so as we wait for the end, may you find a good beer, spend time with a good friend and get a good lay before the day is done. good luck to ya - and i'll see most of you in hell.

:) happy end of days

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  1. Hear, Hear! I'll clink glasses and tiaras with you.